• Borys Gudziak
    Borys GudziakFOUNDER


    • Anastasia Shkilnyk
      Anastasia ShkilnykFounder


      The Light of Justice Award

      This award is given for moral, spiritual and ethical leadership. It was founded by a Canadian donor of Ukrainian origin, Anastasiya Shkilnyk, in honor of her father, Dr. Mykhailo Shkilnyk, who was a prominent lawyer, public figure, and political leader during the time of the Ukrainian Liberation Movement in 1917-1920.

      Award’s purpose

      “This award honors exceptional people for their ability to ignite the light of justice in the dark crevices of the human soul and show the way to a more humane society.” Anastasiya Shkilnyk.

      Award is given to:

      An individual who is in the avant-garde of Ukraine’s social-political life and at the same time remains modest, selfless, and faithful to moral principles, who bravely follows his or her own beliefs and is willing to sacrifice in defending the ideals of a democratic society.


      • Dmytro Karabchuk
        Dmytro Karabchuk2019 LAUREATE
        • Julia Melnyk
          Julia Melnyk2019 LAUREATE
          • Leonid Finberg
            Leonid Finberg2018 LAUREATE
            • Yevhen Sverstiuk
              Yevhen Sverstiuk2010 Laureate


              • Larysa Zalyvna
                Larysa Zalyvna2012 Laureate


                • NATALIA SEDLETSKA
                  NATALIA SEDLETSKA2017 LAUREATE


                  The Light of Justice Scholarship

                  In 2011 Anastasia Shkilnyk initiated a scholarship for UCU students who are actively involved in their communities, are successful in their studies, and who have shown spiritual, moral, and ethical initiative and achievements. The recipients of this scholarship are students who hold a public position and who consistently promote high moral and spiritual principles.

                  • Ivan Paramonov
                    Ivan Paramonov2018 SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENT

                    Student of the Faculty of Social Sciences

                    • Evgeniya Vasiljeva
                      Evgeniya Vasiljeva2018 SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENT

                      Student of the Faculty of Social Sciences

                      • Sviatoslav Turkanyk
                        Sviatoslav Turkanyk2011 Inaugural Scholarship Recipient

                        Student of the Faculty of Humanities

                        • Ivanna Zakharevych
                          Ivanna Zakharevych2012 Scholarship Recipient

                          Student of the Faculty of Humanities

                          • IHOR FESHCHENKO
                            IHOR FESHCHENKO2015 SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENT

                            Student of the Faculty of Humanities

                            • ANDRII VORONYAK
                              ANDRII VORONYAK2017 SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENT

                              Student of The Faculty of Health Sciences


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