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Larysa Zalyvna is a co-founder and CEO of the Women’s Human Rights Organization “Seagull”. She initiated the founding of leading public human rights and educational organizations, actively participated in miner’s strikes, and has organized legal aid for more than nine thousand citizens. She was presented with the Light of Justice Award in 2012.

Larysa Zalvna, about the Award:

“The Light of Justice Award, which comes from a human soul and not a government mandate, gives one the opportunity to look around and mull over what one has done for others. For amid one’s own concerns a person may not always appreciate the impact of one’s work and how it is perceived by others. Indeed, the Light of Justice Award is a signpost which, perhaps, a person didn’t notice on her path in life. A person who was simply making her way along an unpleasant, cluttered, troubled road in order to achieve good for others. Who was led by her responsibility to contribute towards the social and spiritual development of people she was fated to meet. And suddenly here is an award that has helped her realize that justice has been a concern in her life for a long time. That the light she is herself moving towards, shines not only for her, but also for many others. That this light of justice is transferred to other people, becoming a concern in their lives as well.

The Light of Justice provides an example to our youth, to whom we speak about human dignity, about the solidarity of Ukrainians throughout the world, about Anastasia Shkilnyk, who founded the award in honor of her father, Mykhailo Shkilnyk, and about the recipients of this truly Ukrainian award.

The Light of Justice has the possibility of developing into a movement, one we are striving towards for the sake of our society.”