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image (10)Co-founder and chairman of the board of the Chaika public human rights women’s organisation; initiator of the foundation of public organisations in human rights and educational areas; active participant in mining strikes; organiser of legal assistance for more than nine thousand citizens. She won the Light of Justice Award in 2012.

Larysa Zalyvna comments on the Light of Justice Award:

“The Light of Justice Award, which comes from the human soul and not from official forms, allows you to look around yourself and think about what you have managed to do for people. After all, people, in their concerns, do not always evaluate the significance of their activities and the vision of them by other people. Yes, the Light of Justice is a guiding light that a person perhaps did not recognise at one point on their life path. They were simply moving along a clumsy, disorganised, and busy road in an effort to help others. They were responsible for their share of the contribution to the social and spiritual development of the people with whom they were brought together by fate. Then, all of a sudden, they received a reward that made them realise that pursuing justice had been their life’s work all along and the light to which they go shines not only on them but also on many other people. The light of justice is passed on to other people, becoming their life’s work as well.

The Light of Justice Award is an example for young people to whom we tell about human dignity and the solidarity of Ukrainians around the world, about the founder of the award, Anastasiia Shkilnyk, in honour of her father, Mykhailo Shkilnyk, and the winners of this genuinely Ukrainian award.

The Light of Justice Award has the prospect of developing into the movement for which we strive for the progress of our society.”